Our Children are our Assets. Let us protect them and nourish and nurture them with all the best things.
The main motto of Hilldales is to provide quality education to every child in the best tradition and rich culture of our nation. We also groom their discipline to sculpt their
personality. It is a happier home away from your happy home. It brings the best out of the children.
This institution is run by a nonprofit motivated Educational Trust. This School is started to promote the literacy level and standard of the tribal in Kollhills. Now I extends its works towards the development of personality and construction of a strong platform for the future of our children. Now it accommodates children even from other districts as Karur, Namakkal , Salem, Chennai, Trichy, Krishnagiri, and Bangalore.
It is the perfect place for children to have a good physical and mental health and to promote their knowledge and wisdom. The motive of this educational trust is to make this school as a role model to others. Hilldales paves way to excellence through education.